Golden Legacy Curriculum (WARNING: DUPLICATE PAGE – DO NOT USE)

A Curriculum Sponsored by the Chinese Historical and Cultural Project and History San José (formerly San Jose Historical Museum)

Golden Legacy is a set of curriculum materials on Chinese and Chinese American culture that won the 1994 Santa Clara County Reading Council Award. The Golden Legacy was produced as a joint project of the Chinese Historical and Cultural Project and the San Jose Historical Museum (now History San José). A hard copy Golden Legacy curriculum was donated to each elementary school in Santa Clara in 1994.

Golden Legacy curriculum materials were designed to complement the California State History-Social Science Framework of the third, fourth and fifth grades in public schools. Many of the curriculum units can also be used in higher grades, particularly when students study World Civilization (grade 6 and 7) and U.S. History (grade 8).

In 1999, CHCP received a Hewlett Packard Silicon Valley Grant to produce an inexpensive CD-ROM version of Golden Legacy, which is given to eligible local schools and libraries.

In 2001, CHCP awarded a $8,500 grant to History San José for a a third edition of Chinatown, San Jose USA, originally published by the San Jose Historical Museum Association (now History San José) in 1991. CHCP and History San José will work together to distribute both a copy of this book and the Golden Legacy CD to every school in the Santa Clara Valley.

The 300-page hard copy version includes a set of 20 slides on the Ng Shing Gung from San Jose’s Chinatown and the award-winning video Home Base: A Chinatown Called Heinlenville.

The CD version includes an MPEG file of the Home Base video and is available to the general public for $10.

The Golden Legacy order form for binder or CD-ROM is here.

Golden Legacy contains 20 curriculum units:

New Beginnings

  • Immigration
  • Chinatowns


  • Railroad Building
  • New Almaden Mine
  • Agriculture

Daily Life

  • Clothing
  • Bound Feet
  • Queues
  • Value System
  • Names


  • Lunar Calendar
  • Celebrations
  • Symbolism

Education System

  • Writing System
  • Abacus
  • Tangrams
  • Folk Tales, Songs and Games
  • Puppetry

Lasting Legacy

  • Postage Stamps
  • Conclusion

Teacher Resources

Several Golden Legacy lesson plans are available at AskERIC, the Internet-based education information service of the ERIC System, part of the federally- funded Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC) at Syracuse University. The pages are at:

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