01/12/20 Traveling Exhibit @ Westfield Valley Fair Mall

Feb 2019 ROAM Museums @ Los Angeles

By Elyse Wong, 2019 CHCP Advisory Board Member

While staying in Los Angeles in February 2019, I decided to take advantage of my CHCP Patron membership, which includes ROAM membership, to attend four ROAM museums in the LA area:

The GRAMMY Museum (GM) had a very impressive collection of costumes and musical instruments of many famous musicians such as Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, and Johnny Cash.  Among my favorites were Michael Jackson’s costumes, including his famous sequined glove. There was also an impressive room of GRAMMY awards from years past, so one could compare how the award changed through the years. The special traveling exhibit showing at that time was the costumes of Dolly Parton, who is not just a country music legend, but also a fashion icon. Her costumes were all glitter and glitz, and showed off her petite, but very curvy, figure.

The Japanese American National Museum (JANM) was a somber, but educational experience showing years of Japanese American history, in particular the Japanese internment during World War II. Among the notable artifacts on display is part of an original Heart Mountain barracks, saved and preserved from the internment camp in Wyoming. Another interesting example of political incorrectness of those times was a copy of an article that described how to distinguish a man of Japanese descent from a man of Chinese descent. There was also a fun traveling exhibit of Japanese toys from Japanese toy collector and designer Mark Nagata.

The University of Southern California’s Pacific Asia Museum (PAM) is located in Pasadena. It is a small museum but has a nice collection of Asian costumes, artwork, artifacts, and a small serene Asian garden. The museum building itself is in the Imperial Palace Courtyard style, and in 1989 was declared a Historical Landmark by the State of California.

The Automobile Driving Museum (ADM) is a little known museum located in El Segundo, a suburb of Los Angeles. Unlike most auto museums, where you can only look and not touch, this museum allows you to sit in most of their automobiles. On Sundays, you can even take a ride in a selection of automobiles. There is also a 1950’s style ice cream parlor where you can enjoy an ice cream sundae or another ice cream indulgence!

Hope this encourages you to become a CHCP Patron Member and visit some ROAM museums!

For a detailed list of participating ROAM museums, please visit:

12/01/19 Student Docent Orientation @ History Park SJ

10/27/19 Haunt History Park SJ

By Judy Wong, 2019 CHCP Treasurer

I would label the event a success. Many Haunt History Park attendees stopped at our site to play slingshot bats and jumping spiders, then proceeded to our bat magnet assembling and finger puppets.  The orange information and activities handout was well received.  Student Volunteer Kendrick was very good about offering the handout while explaining it contained more information about bats and their good luck qualities.

10/06/19 Student Docent Orientation @ History Park SJ

08/25/19 Niles Canyon Railway @ Sunol

08/18/19 SV Shakespeare’s “The White Snake” @ Sanborn Skyline County Park

06/06/19 Avenidas’ Dragon Boat Festival Outreach @ Cubberley Community Center Palo Alto

05/19/19 Student Recognition Day @ History Park SJ

By Debbie Gong-Guy and Allan Low, 2019 CHCP Scholarship Committee Co-Chairs

For the fifth year, CHCP presented the Lillian Gong-Guy Memorial Scholarship (LGGMS) awards during the Student Recognition Day held on Sunday, May 19th at History Park San José. Scholarship Committee Co-Chairs Allan Low and Debbie Gong-Guy introduced each of the six scholarship winners to an enthusiastic audience of family, friends and fellow students. New this year, CHCP engaged the online services of Going Merry to process our applications and we received a record number of applicants from high schools throughout Santa Clara County.

Our scholarship winners (pictured L to R) were:  Karly Hou of Henry M. Gunn High School, Darice Wong of Dr. TJ Owens Gilroy Early College Academy, Claire Dong of Adrian C. Wilcox High School, Justin Nicholas Quan of Los Gatos High School, Vivian Tsang of Milpitas High School, and Carly Zhiyi Feng of Henry M. Gunn High School. Each of the recipients expressed much appreciation and thanks to CHCP for their scholarships.

In addition to the Co-Chairs, this year’s Scholarship Committee members were Anita Wong Kwock, Patrick Kwok, Bozena Teo, Brenda Wong, Judy Wong and Karyn Wong.

We would like to thank all the donors to the LGGMS program for their continued generosity and support.

If you are interested in joining our committee for next year’s scholarships, please contact us at

05/02/19 Community Hero Awards @ India Community Center, Milpitas

By Pinki Fung, 2019 CHCP Co-Vice President

This special annual event was held on May 2, 2019 in Milpitas, California. It honored community members who have dedicated their time, energy and efforts to improving the lives of those in California Assembly District 25.  Many people came together to support more than 80 community members who were recognized and given medals of honor for their dedication and hard work.

Thank you to our Advisory Board Member, Vicki Young, for nominating CHCP as one of the Community Heroes honorees. CHCP was honored to be there at this very special event.

Attendees: CHCP Co-Founder Gerrye Wong, CHCP Co-President Dave Yick, CHCP Co-Vice President Pinki Fung, CHCP Directors Karyn Wong, Peter Young, Erwin Wong, Kelly Chew and Brenda Wong.