bookChinese in San Jose and the Santa Clara Valley — The fertile Santa Clara Valley–once called the Valley of Heart’s Delight and later Silicon Valley–has long been home to a substantial Chinese population. Like other immigrants, they arrived seeking opportunity and armed with survival instincts and the ability to persevere, but the struggles they faced were unique.

lanternHELP Grants for Education — In conjunction with the Golden Legacy curriculum, the Chinese Historical & Cultural Project offers financial assistance for programs or events designed to promote ethnic diversity education for school age children in Santa Clara County, California. The grants are limited to schools and nonprofit organizations in Santa Clara County, California.

dragonGolden Legacy curriculum — Golden Legacy is a set of curriculum materials on Chinese and Chinese American culture that won the 1994 Santa Clara County Reading Council Award. The Golden Legacy was produced as a joint project of the Chinese Historical and Cultural Project and the San Jose Historical Museum (now History San José).

exhibitTraveling Exhibit — Produced by CHCP and created by Gordon Chun Design, the Traveling Exhibit is a 14-panel color display depicting the history and contributions of the Chinese in Santa Clara Valley through photographs and text. Corporations, community centers, organizations, and schools are welcome to reserve the 14-panel color display.

marketstreetMarket Street Chinatown Archaeology Project — The Market Street Chinatown Archaeology Project is a research and education program developed to catalog, analyze, report, and curate a collection of artifacts that were excavated in 1985-1988 from the site of the Market Street Chinatown founded in the 1860s, which was once located at the intersections of Market and San Fernando Streets in downtown San Jose.