The Chinese Historical and Cultural Project (CHCP) is composed entirely of volunteers, and we always welcome another pair of helping hands. Join CHCP and volunteer to help in the following areas:

Send an e-mail to info@chcp.org and let us know what interests, skills, and/or experience you would like to share with CHCP.

Student Docent Program (SDP)


WANTED: High school and college students who want to be Cultural Ambassadors for the Chinese American Historical Museum (CAHM)

REQUIREMENT: Attend an Orientation / Training session

CHCP is looking for high school and college students who are interested in becoming Student Docent ‘Cultural Ambassadors’ for the Chinese American Historical Museum.

An Orientation / Training class for the Student Docents is held in the fall of each year. For 2019, the Student Docent Orientation / Training class will be held on October 6. See our Upcoming Events calendar for the Student Docent Orientation event details.

High school students who have gone through the class will receive community service credits when serving as student docents. This would involve working one Sunday a month for 4 to 6 months. Student docents can also earn credits by working any Saturday for a History San Jose Special Event that CHCP participates in (e.g., Autumn Moon Festival, Lunar New Year Celebration, etc.). Recognition awards are given to those who complete 20+ hours of community service at the museum. Students will have improved their self-confidence and speaking skills as they interact with and guide visitors through the museum. There are also opportunities for Parent Team Volunteers where at least one parent participates with his/her teen, providing a fulfilling experience for both parent and teen.

Get CHCP Student Docent Program information and access a copy of the CHCP Student Docent Program Application here (in PDF format).

If you or anyone you know is interested in becoming a Student Docent, please contact:
SDP Chair/CHCP Director Brenda Wong (brenda.wong@chcp.org),
(H) 408-946-4015,
(C) 408-228-2424.

The slideshow below highlights Student Docent Program (SDP) activities and accomplishments (be sure to hover your cursor over each photo to display a ‘tip’ that you can read that describes each activity):

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