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  • May 27, 2023 5:33 PM | Elyse Wong (Administrator)

    Chinese Ribbon Dance Indian Drum Performance Filipino Tinikling Dance

    All Asian Heritage Night Performers Asian Costume Cutouts

    By Peter Young, 2023 HELP Grant Chair

    CHCP awarded Rancho Milpitas Middle School with a $200 HELP Grant for its Asian American Heritage Night on May 18th.  The event was held at the school quad and featured 15 cultural performances by the students.  The ethnic performances included Hawaiian, Vietnamese, South Indian, Korean, Chinese, Filipino, Japanese, Tahitian dances, and a martial arts performance.  Hosted by four MCs, the event was enthusiastically received by students, staff, and guests. 

    An added treat at the Asian Heritage Night was the display of various cutouts of Asian costumes.  The cutouts were created by the students and had information on the significance of the costumes and when the costumes would be worn.  Food and drinks as well as Stop Hate T-shirts were sold to help offset the cost of the Asian Heritage Night.  It was an entertaining and fast-paced event for all to enjoy.

  • May 26, 2023 4:37 PM | Elyse Wong (Administrator)

    Photo: Sgt. Sing Lau Kee (aka Lau Sing Kee), awarded the Distinguished Service Cross for actions taken near Mont Notre Dame in 1918 during the Meuse-Argonne Offensive, WWI.

    The Chinese American Museum DC (CAMDC) held this online event moderated by military expert, Monty Hom, to discuss the incredible stories and legacy of Chinese Americans serving in the U.S. Military since the Civil War.

  • May 11, 2023 5:25 PM | Elyse Wong (Administrator)

    By Allan Low and Debbie Gong-Guy, 2023 Scholarship Committee Co-Chairs

    For the ninth year, the Chinese Historical & Cultural Project (CHCP) was honored to recognize the recipients of the Lillian Gong-Guy Memorial Scholarship (LGGMS) awarded during Student Recognition Day held on Sunday, May 7th at History Park San José. Scholarship Committee Co-Chairs Allan Low and Debbie Gong-Guy introduced each of the scholarship winners to an enthusiastic audience of family, friends, and fellow students. Each of the recipients expressed much appreciation and thanks to CHCP for their scholarships.

    The Lillian Gong-Guy Memorial Scholarship was established in 2014 in tribute to CHCP’s late co-founder, Lillian Gong-Guy, to recognize exemplary seniors who have demonstrated academic achievement balanced with strong community service and involvement. Our eight scholarship award recipients this year truly represent the future leaders of our community.

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    Our 2023 scholarship winners are (left to right above):

    • Lisa Fung of Saratoga High School
    • Samantha Leong of Lynbrook High School
    • Christina Chang of Saratoga High School
    • Anna Yang of Notre Dame High School
    • Katie Lam of Notre Dame High School
    • Adrienne Ferguson of Prospect High School
    • Aaron Cheung of Henry M. Gunn High School
    • Jolina Wei Hor of Milpitas High School

    In addition to the Co-Chairs, Allan Low and Debbie Gong-Guy, this year’s Scholarship Committee members were Helina Chin, Brenda Wong, Judy Wong and Karyn Wong.

    For more information, please contact us at scholarship@chcp.org.

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    A special award was given to History San Jose volunteer Tony Ornellas who has always been a special friend to CHCP, helping with maintenance of the 32-year-old museum building and especially helping as the "Godfather to Hoong the Dragon" - helping maintain Hoong so he looks his best at performances and appearances.

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    Volunteer participants in CHCP's Student Docent Cultural Ambassador Program (SDCAP) were recognized by SDCAP Chair Brenda Hee Wong for their hard work, serving as docents in the Chinese American Historical Museum as well as volunteering for other CHCP activities. The "10 Years of SDCAP" slideshow was shown to highlight and review SDCAP activities through the years. View the slideshow below.

    Thanks to all the donors to the LGGMS and SDCAP programs for their continued generosity and support.

  • May 09, 2023 7:01 PM | Elyse Wong (Administrator)

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    By Christian Jochim (2023 CHCP Vice-President of Education), Gerrye Wong (CHCP Co-Founder/Trustee), and Mike Mak (2023 CHCP Director)

    What a proud moment for CHCP! A large number of attendees from the Committee of 100 (C100)'s 2023 Annual Conference, held in downtown San Jose this year, accepted our invitation to attend an event for them at the Chinese American Historical Museum (CAHM). Thanks to the efforts of CHCP President Dave Yick and CHCP Director Mike Mak, the event was a total success.  CHCP President Dave Yick, CHCP Director Peter Young, and CHCP VP Chris Jochim drove people to and from the museum, and CHCP Co-Founder/Trustee Gerrye Wong, CHCP Governing Trustee Anita Kwock, and CHCP Director Brenda Hee Wong were there to welcome them. 

    C100's Chinese American leaders from all over the USA came and were awed by our great museum. There was great interest by the group (some from Boston, NYC, Seattle, Irvine, the Bay Area, and elsewhere) to learn how and why CHCP was formed, what became our “Project” and how we gifted the museum to the City of San Jose in 1991. C100 Founder Henry Tang came, was impressed with our accomplishments, and said he hoped to have more interaction between the two groups in the future – always a good omen! It was an important networking event to introduce our museum to a new group of Chinese Americans who hopefully will spread the word further.  

    Special thanks to the White Crane Dragon & Lion Dance Association of San Francisco for the welcoming lion dance performance that opened our program with a big splash. White Crane is the #1 ranked team outside of Asia and is the only USA team invited to compete against the world in Malaysia.  They are universally considered the best team in the USA.

  • May 09, 2023 4:48 PM | Elyse Wong (Administrator)

    CHCP Director Elizabeth Lee, CHCP Director Brenda Wong, and CHCP Advisory Board Member Michael Chan CHCP Director Elizabeth Lee and CHCP Member Willy Wong Shau Jin Chang, Ying Ying Chang, and CHCP Director Brenda Wong

    CHCP visited Iris Chang Park to clean and beautify the park, to honor the Chinese American journalist, author, and political activist Iris Chang, and to celebrate Earth Day. Iris’ parents, Ying Ying and Shau Jin Chang, shared their family background, Iris’ academic love of China and its history, as well as Iris’ recognition of Chinese American contributions and their identity in America. 

  • April 15, 2023 7:34 PM | Elyse Wong (Administrator)

    Preparing Sacrificial Food representing Nourishment for the Deceased in their Afterlife SDCAP member Kaser Walker placing Incense Sacrificial Food in front of Altar for the Deceased

    Taoist Priest in front of Wall with List of Names of Interred Reading the Names of the Interred Burning Sacrificial Items symbolizing Wealth and Good Fortune for the Deceased in their Afterlife

    The South Bay Historic Chinese American Cemetery Corporation (SBHCACC) had their annual Ching Ming ceremony on April 8th at the Historic Chinese American Cemetery in San Jose.

    CHCP was a sponsor for this event and presented paper ingots for ceremonial offerings and participated in the reading of the names of those buried there. CHCP participants attending included: Director Brenda Hee Wong, Student Docent Cultural Ambassador Program (SDCAP) member Kasey Walker, Trustee Allan Low, and Advisory Board Members Nathan Louie and Michael Chan.

  • March 17, 2023 5:08 PM | Elyse Wong (Administrator)

    By Ingrid Lai, 2023 CHCP Co-Vice President

    On March 12, 2023, the SDCAP (Student Docent Cultural Ambassador Program) community planned to celebrate their 10-year Anniversary at History San Jose. However, an unexpected fire at History Park on the morning of the event forced the celebration to be moved to a different venue, thanks to SDCAP Chair Brenda Hee Wong's quick thinking and the kindness of CHCP Director Dr. Arthur Jue and CHCP Advisory Board member Daniel Jue who offered their office space in San Jose.

    Click to enlarge Certificate of Recognition from CA Assemblyman Alex Lee for SDCAP 10th Anniversary Table Decorations Saratoga Vice Mayor Yan Zhao. Director Arthur Jue, Advisory Board Member Joshua Zhang Advisory Board Member Daniel Jue

    Despite the last-minute change, the celebration was a success. The program included talent performances by SDCAP members, a "10 Years of Growth" slideshow, highlights of two meaningful video projects, founders, honorees and SDCAP recognition, alumni reflections, lunch, and cake cutting. The event ended with a raffle drawing.

    Click to enlarge Program Flute performance by SDCAP Member Trinity Yu Keyboard performance by SDCAP Member Kasey Walker

    Singing performance by Advisory Board Member/SDCAP Member Joshua Zhang 10th Anniversary Cake SDCAP members (with Certificates of Recognition from CA Assemblyman Evan Low) & CHCP Board Members

    The SDCAP community would like to thank Liz Chew, Teddy Sue, Lillian (posthumously) & Debbie Gong-Guy, and Brenda Hee Wong for their hard work in making SDCAP a success from the beginning and for their ongoing efforts in supporting its growth. The celebration was a testament to the dedication and hard work of all the alumni and current SDCAP members who have contributed to making SDCAP the success that it is today. Despite the unexpected challenge, the SDCAP 10-Year Anniversary Planning Committee, hosted the community to come together to celebrate and look forward to continuing their work together in the future.

    Recognition of SDCAP Founders Brenda Hee Wong and Teddy Sue by Charlsie Chang from the Office of CA Assemblyman Alex Lee SDCAP Performers with Saratoga Vice Mayor Yan Zhao and SDCAP Chair Brenda Hee Wong CHCP Board and Advisory Board Members with Saratoga Vice Mayor Yan Zhao

    Watch SDCAP's "10 Years of Growth" slideshow below:

  • March 16, 2023 6:55 PM | Elyse Wong (Administrator)

    SDCAP Chair Brenda Hee Wong and SBHCACC President Dennis Wan SDCAP Members making IngotsVolunteers making IngotsString of Paper Ingots

    CHCP Student Docent Ambassador Program (SDCAP) members got together with the South Bay Historic Chinese American Cemetery Corporation (SBHCACC) and the Chinese American Women's Club (CAWC) to make paper ingots for the Ching Ming celebration to be held on April 8th at the Historic Chinese American Cemetery in San Jose.

  • February 19, 2023 6:16 PM | Elyse Wong (Administrator)

    Hoong the Dragon, "Year of the Rabbit" Mascot, and Friends

    By Gerrye Wong, CHCP Co-Founder and Trustee

    Chinese American Historical Museum

    On Saturday, February 18th, we had a wonderfully sunny California day which was perfect for the Chinese Historical and Cultural Project (CHCP) to hold its annual Lunar New Year Celebration at History Park San Jose where its Chinese American Historical Museum proudly stands. Besides being able to visit our museum and see new exhibit features, we had Lion Dancing, Hoong our dragon and a Year of the Rabbit in person leading the parade of children at the end of the event.

    In addition, we had remarkable groups performing martial arts, Chinese cultural dances and Chinese yo-yo demonstrations.

    Martial Artists Chinese Cultural Dancing Chinese Yo-Yo Performance

    There was also Chinese calligraphy demonstrations, K-pop dancing, the Firebird Chinese Youth Orchestra playing traditional Chinese musical instruments, Chinese New Year games and craft activities for the kids, the "Rolling Duck" food truck serving delicious Asian dishes, plus our educational "Pioneering the Valley" Traveling Exhibit was also out on display.

    Chinese Calligraphy K-pop Dancing Firebird Chinese Youth Orchestra

    Chinese New Year Games and Crafts"Rolling Duck" Food Truck "Pioneering the Valley" Traveling Exhibit

    So be sure to come out and not miss the fun and festivities next time CHCP holds its events – lots of excitement and fun cultural experiences.

  • February 01, 2023 7:40 PM | Elyse Wong (Administrator)

    CBS News Reporter Mary Lee interviewed CHCP Advisory Member/Historian Connie Young Yu and CHCP Director Brenda Hee Wong, to report on efforts being made to raise awareness for San Jose's historic Market Street Chinatown, destroyed by anti-Chinese arson in 1888.

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